Hi, I’m Notnotnerdygirl!

I like to address these posts to you, the reader. So, as you’ll be getting to know my brain, it seems fair that you get an introduction to it.

  1. First of all, I am a writer
  2. I’m currently a postgraduate MA student, studying English Literature in Britain (just completed my BA in June, wahoo!)
  3. My favourite book is ‘A Clockwork Orange’ (though I have a lot of favourites – which comes with the territory)
  4. I love to be creative – art, writing, and music are all very important to me
  5. The tree in the image is Forest, my bonsai tree
  6. I live my life as truthfully and positively as possible
  7. If I was in Friends, I’d be Chandler
  8. Currently, my favourite movie is Set It Up (but I watch a lot of movies)
  9. I’m learning to speak Russian on Duolingo
  10. Friends and family are incredibly important to me

I have been better at posting more frequently recently, but with the craziness and life and time of inspiration, things can become irregular. I’m trying, though.

In terms of content, I tend to post about the experiences of myself and people around me, and how these experiences can help to build a more positive life. I enjoy talking about psychology – conscious and subconscious decisions – and how we can live better by learning about ourselves

Feel free to contact me by comment! I also have Twitter and Instagram accounts under the same name.

Also, if you fancy it, you can support my writing by buying me a metaphorical coffee at this link:

For now, I hope you enjoy reading this!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Your poems are so creative and fresh. Loving every single one so far! ‘A Clockwork Orange’: what a great book, too! Wishing you success in everything. Stay safe!

    1. Thank you – I’m glad you like them! A Clockwork Orange is just so spectacularly interesting, and is a large reason why I chose to learn Russian. Wishing you success and safety too!

      1. You’re welcome. And that’s awesome (learning Russian). I wish I could’ve learned that language as well. All the best! Have a lovely weekend!

      2. Duolingo is what I use and it’s never too late to start learning something new 🙂 You too!

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